A professionally run Validator Node on RadixDLT



Industry best practice hardening and security principles used to secure our nodes

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Stake XRD with Apollo to receive rewards on your investment while maintaining full control


24/7 Uptime

We use 24/7 monitored high availability cloud infrastructure to achieve maximum productivity



Latest AWS cloud infrastructure with backup full nodes operational for seamless failover

How to stake...

1. Copy the Apollo Pool validator address below: 


2. Open the Radix Desktop Wallet and click on the Stake & Unstake section in the left column

3. Paste in the Apollo Pool address into the Validator field

4. Enter the amount of XRD you wish to stake, then click the Stake button

5. Enter your PIN code to complete the staking transaction

Welcome to Apollo Pool!


About us

Apollo Pool is run by 3 professional blockchain enthusiasts drawing on several years of wider industry experience within cyber security, telecommunications, networking and project management

Together we have successfully participated in the Radix Betanet program and thus gained considerable knowledge about how the RadixDLT operates in particular how to run a stable validator node

By staking your XRD with us, you will be joining a secure, stable and maintained validator node that will ensure staking rewards are maximised for all members

If you would like to know more, please reach out to the team on our official Discord channel here